Testimonial: Oswego Dog Owner

True Story!

So I come home from a trip at 0530 yesterday morning.  My wife greets me upon arrival, seems she has been up all night bathing our dog Buddy.  Seems Buddy got into it (on the WRONG END) with the local Skunk!  Needless to say Buddy AND the house paid the price!  Don’t know if you have ever smelled Skunk before but it’s DISGUSTING and actually gives one a Horrible Headache in addition to Nausea.  Anyway placed 6 Vanilla O-Liminators strategically thru-out the house.  Dramatic improvement in a few hours.  AMAZING!  This morning the STANK is gone…….Revolutionary Stuff, never seen anything like it!!!!!!  You have some kind of Stink/Odor of bacteria issue it’ll work for you! TRY IT!!!