Unlike sprays that mask odor, O-Liminator controls odors at their source. Its patented formula utilizes anti-microbials to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi that trigger skin infections like MRSA, staph, and E-coli. The dry pellet packets absorb the moisture that allows bacteria to grow–eliminating the source of the odor. 


Simply place unopened packets in foul smelling areas. For shoes, gloves, or athletic padding, insert packets in these items when they are not in use. Replace after each use. Lasts up to 60 days.

O-Liminator can be used in sports-related items like shoes, gloves, sports bags, lockers, and more. In the home, it helps control odors in musty closets and damp basements, pet areas, garbage cans, and baby’s rooms. It also helps remove odors in vehicles–tackling lingering smells from sports bags, drive-thru meals, as well as cigarette and cigar smoke.

O-Liminator’s patented formula is so powerful, it lasts for up to 60 days.

O-Liminator is safe to use in the baby’s room, kitchen, or anywhere in the house! As with other household products, wash hands after handling as a precaution. O-Liminator should not be swallowed.

O-Liminator is non-toxic, US-EPA registered, and in compliance with the European regulations (BPR-REACH). Our Soft-Pack flexible packaging has NVIRO’s seal of approval for being printed with FDA environmentally friendly water-based inks, making it safer for the environment. 

There is no shelf life for O-Liminator packets when stored in their original packaging.

Sorry, O-Liminator does not replace regular washing and drying of foul-smelling clothing.