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O-liminate odors at home, Or on the go

Whether you’re at home or on the go, O-liminator eliminates odors by attacking them at their source. Unlike deodorizers that simply mask odors, O-liminator is ultra-effective because it absorbs moisture AND inhibits 99% of the bacteria that cause offensive odors.

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Outperforms Sprays

O-liminator’s super durable mesh packets are not only easier to use than messy sprays and other deodorizers — they work better! Scientific studies conclude that O-liminator’s dry pellet formula is more effective than alcohol, bacteria, and enzyme based products because it delivers 100% concentration versus diluted sprays. Despite its powerful formula, O-liminator is proven safe for use in kitchens, baby’s rooms, and pet areas FOR 60 DAYS!

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Peter Bogle, Chemical Engineer, Lacrosse Coach, Founder of O-liminator Says:

“If your shoes or athletic equipment smell like a combination of wet dog and rotten eggs, that’s because they’re infested with literally millions of living organisms. If you get a scratch, the bacteria-laden shoes or protective pads can actually transfer bacteria into the broken skin. This causes skin infections like staph and MRSA, which is drug-resistant and leads to hospitalization. The best prevention is ongoing elimination of moisture, bacteria, and odor from athletic gear and footwear.”

Peter Bogle, Chemical Engineer, Lacrosse Coach,…

Overcomes moisture & bacteria

Why add moisture to sweat? Sprays drench already sweaty
surfaces. O-liminator’s dry pellet packets pull out moisture and sweat after each use while eliminating odors. Its active formula is 99% effective at inhibiting bacteria that cause MRSA, E-coli, and staph infections. For non-stop freshening, insert O-liminator packets in shoes, boots, gloves, and athletic pads between uses.… Read the rest