Year: 2013

Use What the Pros Use!

Check out these Kansas City all-stars that are using O-Liminator for o-liminating purposes!

Jeff Allen, who is a starter on the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line  (from Chicago/U of I), used O-Liminator during workouts and training this week for his locker and really liked the vanilla scent.  He says his lockermate next to him kept asking what he had in his locker since it smelled a lot different (and better) than before.

Donald Stephenson, another starter for the Kansas City Chiefs, mentioned he…

Fox Valley Marathon Training Run Info


O-Liminator is very excited to take part in this Saturdays Fox Valley Marathon Training Run! There will be groups running near 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and more minutes per mile. Location of the run will be at Dick Ponds in St. Charles, race starts at 6:30AM!

For more event details check out the Fox Valley Marathon Site:

O-Liminator will be…

O-liminate odors at home, Or on the go

Whether you’re at home or on the go, O-liminator eliminates odors by attacking them at their source. Unlike deodorizers that simply mask odors, O-liminator is ultra-effective because it absorbs moisture AND inhibits 99% of the bacteria that cause offensive odors.

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Outperforms Sprays

O-liminator’s super durable mesh packets are not only easier to use than messy sprays and other deodorizers — they work better! Scientific studies conclude that O-liminator’s dry pellet formula is more effective than alcohol, bacteria, and enzyme based products because it delivers 100% concentration versus diluted sprays. Despite its powerful formula, O-liminator is proven safe for use in kitchens, baby’s rooms, and pet areas FOR 60 DAYS!

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Peter Bogle, Chemical Engineer, Lacrosse Coach, Founder of O-liminator Says:

“If your shoes or athletic equipment smell like a combination of wet dog and rotten eggs, that’s because they’re infested with literally millions of living organisms. If you get a scratch, the bacteria-laden shoes or protective pads can actually transfer bacteria into the broken skin. This causes skin infections like staph and MRSA, which is drug-resistant and leads to hospitalization. The best prevention is ongoing elimination of moisture, bacteria, and odor from athletic gear and footwear.”

Peter Bogle, Chemical Engineer, Lacrosse Coach,…

Overcomes moisture & bacteria

Why add moisture to sweat? Sprays drench already sweaty
surfaces. O-liminator’s dry pellet packets pull out moisture and sweat after each use while eliminating odors. Its active formula is 99% effective at inhibiting bacteria that cause MRSA, E-coli, and staph infections. For non-stop freshening, insert O-liminator packets in shoes, boots, gloves, and athletic pads between uses.… Read the rest

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