Bud and Peter Bogle, The O-Team, 1971 - The O-Team, 2016

The Dynamic Duo

Meet father-son team of Bud and Peter Bogle, the dynamic duo who joined forces to create O-Liminator. Growing up in New England, Peter had a passion for playing hockey and lacrosse. Disgusted by the nauseating stench of sweat fermenting in Peter’s sports gear, they asked, How can we get rid of that smell?

Fast forward 45 years. With Bud’s knowledge of manufacturing, and Peter’s experience in chemical engineering, they experimented with different formulations. In 2007, they achieved a superior odor-eliminating molecular compound. Their brain child, the O-liminator, was born!

The O-Team Pledge

The O-Team is committed to providing an exceptional product with unmatched performance. They strive to support the community by:

  • backing our products with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • manufacturing in the USA
  • sponsoring local teams and tournaments
  • making efforts to protect the environment

O-Liminator Manufacturing Plant

The O-Liminator production-assembly-shipping & receiving facility is housed in a 250,000 square foot building just minutes from Midway Airport, Chicago, IL